B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D. Honorary Associate Research Fellow University of Exeter. Local Historian of Bovey Tracey

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Beatric Tothill- under Places, Devon House of Mercy. Someone has kindly sent me details of another inmate. 

Cricket Club Founded 1848 -under Topics. The 150th Centenary of the club was held in 2000. This was two years late! It was William Hole of Parke  and John Divett, the co-owner of the Pottery who started the club and not the Staffordshire pottery workers as previously thought. 

Pioneering Women– under Topics. Sarah Savery has been added. She was born in Bovey Tracey and after her marriage to a Baptist Minister she lived in Hackney and worked to help abused and destitute women in the 1830s. 

Tapper – under People. How Sir Walter Tapper, born in Bovey Tracey, became famous enough to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

Legend of the Russian princess’- under Topics. Many times I have been asked about the ‘Russian Princess’ who lived at Lowerdown. I have now traced the Watkin family and found that although Amy was born in Russia she was of English parentage. An unusual room in their house and her birth in Russia led to another Bovey Tracey  legend.

Illustrations: Cross at Challabrook Farm to Commemorate the Civil War; Seals on a local Deed; Signature of John Southcott when Lord of the Manor; The Trough by the Parish Church.

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