Seeking Portraits of Divett

Does anyone know where the following art works might be? They are all of the Divett family as recorded in their wills. In particular I am seeking an image of John Divett and hs daughter Mary.

From George Ross Divett’s will of 1894 I know there were paintings/ busts of the Divett family by Stuart, Sir William Beechey, Sir George Hayter, Sir William Boscall,  and George? Richmond as follows:- 

Oil painting of Edward Divett his wife  Ann nee Ross and child ( George Ross Divett) painted by Stuart

Oil painting by Sir William Beechey of Mrs Wentworth Buller

Two oil paintings of the Misses Divett as girls [ presumably Mary and Ann} George Ross Divett’s aunts

Three oil paintings of grandfather Edward Divett senior and his two sisters [presumably Mary and Anne]

Two crayons of father as a young man and uncle [John] Divett as a boy

Sir George Hayter oil sketch of George Ross Divett’s father Edward Divett junior  for the Great Picture ‘Reformed House of Commons’

Small crayon of George Ross Divett’s father Edward Divett jun

Two engravings and two portraits of Sir John and Lady Charlotte  Guest

Two crayons of great grandfather and his wife [John Divett senior and Mary Marchant]

Three  watercolours of my brother sisters and myself [George Ross Divett]  – John or Edward, George Ross  Julia Mary and Adela

Oil painting of grandfather George Ross

Seven miniatures of my father Edward Divett mother Ann Ross Mrs John Divett,[ Henrietta Buller]my grandfather [Edward Divett senior] , grandmother[possibly Mary Kensington or , Mrs Wentworth Buller[ Ann Divett], and Miss Crossman

Thorvaldsen’s marble busts of my grandfather [Edward Divett senior] , my father [Edward Divett junior], my uncle[John Divett]  as a boy and my two aunts [Mary and Ann] – the one of Edward Divett senior circa 1817 is in the Bertil Thorvaldsen museum ref April. The Thorvaldsen museum has informed me that one of the marble busts was offered to them in 1932.

Clay model on a pedestal of Thomas Divett MP

Sir William Boscall oil painting of Edward Divett junior who was George Ross Divett’s father

From Mary Divett’s will of 1914  I know she had two watercolours :-

Richmond watercolour portrait of John Divett

Richmond watercolour portrait of Mrs Divett [ Henrietta Buller] and Mary Divett

Does anyone know where they might be as it would be lovely for Bovey Tracey to have an image of  John Divett or his family.

August 2018